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  • Handmade Hellos - one of a kind handmade cards - by Lorie Gray of Haute Note

When you want your card to really say something.  To stand out from the crowd.  Handmade Hellos by Haute Note do just that.  From the unique shape and back flap to the one-of-a-kind distinctive style and personality, these cards are sure to find a special place on the recipient’s mantle or desk.

Not only does sending a card like this, reflect your personality —  it shows you’ve taken extra care to choose and send something special and unique – just like the person you’re sending it to!

Handmade Hellos are handmade cards, each individually crafted by Lorie Gray of Haute Note.

Each card is one of a kind, and sold in our Etsy Shop (You can also click on any card image in the section below, to take you to our shop.)

Handmade Hellos on Etsy

About Haute Note

My name is Lorie, my husband is Bob, and we live with our two crazy cats, in Pitt Meadows, BC.

Together we run Haute Note – an online personalized stationery business, and Garden Fairies – an online business selling Garden Fairy Doors and accessories.

Before a few hurried lines of type, zapped through cyberspace became a socially acceptable way to express deep sentiment – people sent cards.
Tangible, paper cards that could be displayed on a mantelpiece or desk before getting tucked away somewhere special to mark a moment in time.

Haute Note is a modern paperie. We offer elegant, personalized stationery that reflects the distinct taste and style of the sender. It celebrates ink and paper in our electronic age of emails and texts.

Our Signature Card series is different from the variety of other note cards on the market. It is distinctive in its long, lean shape which features a special “display-friendly” back-flap.

Handmade Hellos by Haute Note - One-of-a-Kind Handmade Note and Art Cards - HandmadeHellos.caHandmade Hellos is the newest addition to our Haute Note products.  We’ve taken a Haute Note Signature Card and embellished it with a mix of layered materials and media.

They are handmade Art Cards — each, one-of-a-kind, and individually crafted. Like snowflakes, no two are the same. Each one is whimsically curated, created and collaged from bits and pieces of vintage and handmade papers, ephemera, hand dyed lace, ribbons, and other materials we find interesting.

Haute Note cards are designed in British Columbia, on premium 100lb textured stock, and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper (www.fsc.org).  Our envelopes are made from superior 80lb superfine, ultra white paper.

Most cards have a message on the outside, but the inside is left blank, for your own personal note or greeting.

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  • Fidget Mats – Fidget Mats are lap-sized sensory quilts, used to help those affected with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or anxiety-driven restless hands

…because, despite the current obsession
with electronic communication, we believe
that some messages still deserve “special delivery”…
and for these we’ll take a mailbox, over an inbox, any day!

Handmade Hellos by Haute Note - One-of-a-Kind Handmade Note and Art Cards - HandmadeHellos.ca

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